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Bear Grylls Tinderbox

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The Bear Grylls Tinderbox is a new and unique multi-use product that will suit any bushcraft and survival kit, allowing the user to collect and make effective fire lighting tinder from natural dry wood found within woodlands, as well as providing the means to light a fire during harsh survival conditions.

Survival is all about being prepared and covering all of the bases. The tinderbox makes this task easier than ever.

What makes the Bear Grylls Tinderbox different?

The Bear Grylls Tinderbox incorporates a rasp-style grater on the front which makes easy work of dry timber, shaving long curved strips of wood and collecting them inside the storage compartment. These wooden strips are excellent for fire lighting. As well as this feature, the Tinderbox also offers a fire lighting magnifying glass to ignite the tinder and an emergency signalling mirror on the back of the survival device. Also supplied with the kit are a protective cover for the tinder cutter and a small survival guide.

Using the Bear Grylls Tinderbox

Using this outdoor survival tool is easy. Holding the high-grip rubberized exterior simply drag the grate across any timber, wet or dry and the collection box will gather the tinder. Simply remove the tinder and then (if the sun is out) use the in-built magnifier, directing the sun's rays onto the tinder bundle until it combusts, giving you the building blocks of a solid campfire. The mirror on the back may be used to aid in signalling during genuine survival situations.

  • Product Length: 14.6 cm
  • Product Width: 5.7 cm
  • Product Height: 2.7 cm
  • Weight: 85 g


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