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EOG Pocket Bellows Fire Starting Kit

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Starting a campfire requires three essential things: fuel (tinder), oxygen and a source of ignition (spark). The EOG fire-starting kit has been designed to meet each of these requirements, resulting in a fantastic new fire lighting kit which is constructed of the components detailed below. One thing that makes this kit different is that it will start a fire even if the fuel is soaking wet, the bellows will provide enough oxygen once used to resemble a blast furnace.

Weatherproof Fire Starting Kit

  • Firesteel in high-vis orange - this is used to create sparks
  • Baddest Bee Fire Fuses (natural and organic) 8-pack and will burn for up to 5 minutes each
  • Fire bellows (telescopic, extends to 51cm and collapses to 9cm)
  • Storage tube provided to store the set in

Using the Fire Bellows and Weather-Proof Fire Kit:

The Epiphany Outdoor Gear (EOG) fire lighting kit is straight forward to use. Grab some fuel, dry wood is best, but it will work even if soaking wet. Add some of the Baddest Bee Fire Fuses to a tinder bundle and ignite with the sparks produced from the firesteel. Now extend the pocket bellows to keep you at a safe working distance from the fire and blow direct onto the tinder bundle. Keep doing this until you have a raging fire as shown in the video below.


"Seems well made & very neat."

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