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Greenman Bushcraft Fire Braid

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Introducing the Greenman Bushcraft Fire Braid. Greenman Fire Braid is a highly technical, specialist outdoor cord intended to cover all situations when heat and abrasion resistance is of the utmost importance, such as when being used in conjunction with the Fire Bow and other primitive fire lighting skills.

Why Use Fire Braid?

If you've ever attempted to light a fire using the firebow, then you will most likely have encountered cordage that is quite simply not up to the job in hand, often becoming hotter than the fire that you're trying to light and simply burning through due to the heat produced by the abrasion caused by the movements and technique of lighting fires this way.

Now, please, don't get us wrong - we are not suggesting that you rely solely upon syntactic materials when practising bushcraft which would simply take away from the whole ethos of this ancient art, but there are times, especially when teaching children that any time-saving methods will be useful, and of course to cover the times when finding suitable natural materials is not easily done - or maybe you just want to practise your technique before venturing on to more natural and weaker firebow materials.

Why is Greenman Fire Braid Different to other Cords?

Our Fire Braid is stronger than most cords of this size (4mm), but what makes it really special is the patented technology of the outer braid, which is resistant to heat and abrasion, making it suitable for highly demanding tasks - not just fire lighting. As well as this the outer braid also features an added grip texture, meaning far fewer slips.

The breaking strain of Greenman Fire Braid is also incredibly high, putting most outdoor cordage to shame, even the likes of 550 Paracord. At over 1,000lbs test, you can rest assured that our Greenman Bushcraft Fire Braid is up to many tasks besides just fire lighting.

We've kept our cord in line with its primary use and reflected this in the orange and black - fire and coal like colours so that it's not easily confused with any other cords, such as Paracord that you may also be keeping alongside it.


  • Size (Diameter): 4mm
  • Breaking Strain: Over 1,000lbs
  • Colour: Orange and Black
  • Length: Sold Per/Ft

We supply all of our specialist cords to a wide market, and supply on a wholesale basis to our re-sale customers too.


"although more expensive than standard paracord its a lot more durable for making fire bows from and although stiffer i have managed to make a bracelet from this"

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