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Live Fire Sport

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When out amongst nature, we still cannot underestimate the importance of fire, and how its presence can mean a bushcraft excursion is a success or a failure. At Greenman Bushcraft we are always looking to invest in the latest technologies to help provide our customers with the opportunity to achieve the best outdoor experience possible, and the latest addition to our infantry is no different.

The Live Fire Sport is the smallest fire starting aid on the market. Due to its considerably smaller size, the sheer power that can be generated from it appears all the more impressive, burning not just at a higher temperature but for a much longer duration than many of its emergency fire starter competitors. As a lightweight piece of equipment the Live Fire Sport does not project an image of a bushcraft accessory that can survive in extreme weather conditions, but in reality it is exactly that, and it may be used over and over.

Weighing at around 14 grams, or half an ounce, it still packs a big enough punch to burn for between 15 minutes and half an hour, should the lid be removed. Taking spark from a ferrocerium rod (supplied), lighter or match with considerable ease, even if the Live Fire Sport has been submerged in water for a prolonged period of time. In terms of innovation in bushcraft materials, the Live Fire Sport is definitely one of the more exciting and accessible we have seen in a long time.

Emergency Fire Starter

As an emergency fire starter, it is important to be an adaptable piece of equipment due to the unpredictability of the conditions you may encounter once outdoors. The Live Fire Sport has a slide top lid, meaning it is able to function as a candle to provide a steady source of light and heat should you need it. The concentration of heat that this emergency fire starter can produce means wet wood can be dried out and ignited as if it were a dry piece of tinder.

The Live Fire Sport is not simply an emergency fire starter either, as when it smokes it doubles up as a signalling device - something that may prove invaluable should you find yourself in a compromising situation whilst on an outing. It is not a tool specific to one pastime, rather a multi-purpose accessory that makes any trip, from mountain biking to canoeing, trekking to fly fishing, a much less stressful experience.

Why choose Greenman Bushcraft for your outdoor equipment?

With our commitment to the highest standard of customer service, combined with some of the most competitive prices on the market, here at Greenman Bushcraft we have managed to slowly build up a loyal consumer base that recognise our advocacy of quality.

Whether it is for our range of tools to be used as an emergency fire starter, such as the Live Fire Sport, or simply for advice regarding your favourite outdoor activities, here at Greenman Bushcraft we have a dedicated team of experts that are on hand to offer help and support. For more information on the services we offer or the products we stock, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.


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