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Kelly Kettle Medium Aluminium 'Scout' 1.1 Litre

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Kelly Kettles are well renowned for their clever design and usability and are perfect for anyone who spends time exploring the great outdoors. These highly efficient camping kettles are perfect for making hot drinks, preparing meals, bathing, washing dishes etc. and are built to be portable and lightweight. This Mid-Size Scout model, for example, can boil upto 1.2l in a matter of minutes yet weighs just 700g.


Portability is of primary importance to many people who choose to spend time outdoors. With this in mind, not only is the Kelly Kettle Scout exceptionally lightweight for its' capacity but there is no need to carry any special fuel which further improve portability. The Kelly Kettle can be used with any naturally occurring solid fuel so you can use cones, bark, sticks or virtually anything to heat your water. Kelly Kettle can be used in any weather conditions and is completely storm proof so you can be assured of that hot drink when you need it the most!


The Kelly Kettle has established itself as a favourite amongst Trekkers, Bushcrafters, and Forest Schools but is also great for camping, fishing trips and picnics or as an addition to your survival kit. Each Kelly Kettle comes with its own drawstring bag to help protect it while not in use and, combined with a high-quality construction, guarantees years of reliable service.


"I absolutely love this, not only is incredibly functional and fun to use... it just looks the business. In practice, I couldn't believe how fast it worked. from lighting the match to boiling the full kettle took under 5 mins, and then used the remaining fuel to light the campfire (also done in reverse using some smouldering BBQ charcoal for a post-feast coffee...and toasted marshmallows...and still enough heat to warm some mead on the top using the pan stand and a small vango pot (although, I will be getting the Kelly kettle stainless cookset). With a bit more fuel added, I was then able to heat up enough water to wash up the plates etc. and for this price... why look at any other model or website?"

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