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BCB Crusader MKI Cooking System

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The BCB Crusader MKI Cooking System is an all-in-one set that allows you carry water, boil water for teas and coffee as well as providing you with a sturdy cooker which runs on solid or gel fuels. The Pattern 58 bottle comes with a plastic and metal mug, so you can use one for drinking whilst the black PTFE or silver mug can be used to with boil more water, or cook simple meals, such as noodles, ration pack campo meals, soups, curry, etc.

Outdoor Cooking System in Pouch

Within the DMP (camo) pouch you will find a host of equipment - all you need to prepare to cook a meal (apart from the food!). There is a Pattern 58 NATO canteen with a plastic mug on top, and the steel mug fitting neatly on the bottom of the bottle. There is a mug lid, a cooker base to go with the steel mug and even a firesteel (with compass) to light your fuel blocks/gel pouches which are also provided. The DMP pouch offers a host of attachment points and will fit easily to most bags and belts.

The BCB Crusader MKI Cooking System is available with a Black Steel Mug and Cooker or Non-coated silver version (please choose).


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