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Double Braid 1500 Paracord

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Greenman Double Braid Paracord is an extra thick and super-strong cord which is more durable than even the genuine 550 Military Paracord that we also offer. Instead of seven fine strands inside the braided sheath of the outer, our double braid offers a single inner braided Nylon core, which alone is as thick as most paracord. The outer braid is also made purely from Nylon, making it incredibly hard wearing and rot-proof, much more so than lesser materials. In fact, our Double Braid Paracord may even be stored wet; it won't damage it in the slightest.

Nylon Double Braid makes a great all-round outdoor rope, and is a particular favorite among the boating community as it offers more stretch than most and is also splice able. Greenman Bushcraft Double Braid Paracord offers a massive tensile strength of 1500 lbs.

Double Braid Paracord is the best choice of paracord for use with fire bows as it's much more wear resistant than thinner, weaker paracord.

Where To Buy 1500 lbs Paracord?

Greenman Bushcraft is one of the largest suppliers of Paracord suppliers online, and we only sell good quality cord in our Paracord Store! All of our Paracord is made for us in the USA, and is second to none in terms of quality and tensile strength.

Double Braid US Paracord Specification:

  • 100% Nylon
  • Size: Approx. 7mm diameter
  • Core: Braided Nylon Core
  • Tensile: 1,500 Lbs Breaking Strain
  • Colours: Military Camo
  • Spool Size: 1000 foot (sold per foot)
  • Coin used for size compassion


"You people looking for some good paracord.look no further.this paracord is the best paracord you can buy.its 7 mil thick 1500 pound snap strength,its soft,tough,holds knots impeccably.well done greenman must keep supplying this paracord.its so versatile i bought 2 lots of 400 feet.i,ve even hung my own body weight of high cliffs prior to absailing. You dont need to spend hundreds of pounds on prusiking cord.this is an amazing rival.theres some first class rivals out there and this is one of them,seriously.its also excellent for hammock making and so so brilliant in shibari tying.its also excellent in survival and rescue senarios.just so message to the staff here is simple.stock pile this cord by the ton, and keep the price down.this is the best paracord i,ve ever bought.10 out of 10 you good staff.i will be ordering more,nothing compares to it .the only thing i would love to know staff is this,can you get this cord in ten mil.i,ve made a cracking improvised absail harness with this 7 mil cord.and it holds solid. Many thanks again yours seriously impressed with this product.howard."

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