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Type III 275 US Paracord
Type III 275 US Paracord

Type III 275 US Paracord

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Let's be honest, sometimes Type III 550 paracord is sometimes overkill when a thinner and slightly lower tensile strength paracord will do just as good a job, and what's more, our thinner alternative is a little bit lighter to carry and slightly cheaper to purchase - introducing TYPE III 275 paracord. Like its stronger brother, our Type III 275lb Paracord is made in the US to exacting standards using safe dyes and has been officially certified with a breaking strain of a minimum of 275lbs - something that Chinese copies that dominate the online stores these days cannot claim.

UK Supplier of US Paracord - Greenman Bushcraft

Type III 275 Paracord is just a smaller version of 550 paracord - it has a dimeter of 2.4mm and offers 4 inner strands instead of the 7 strands found within thicker 550 cords. It can be used in the same way as 550, it's great for use with tarps, trapping and smaller survival bracelets - in fact it's really handy to keep in your pack for any number of emergency uses. Our Type III 275 utility cord is UV, mildew and rot resistant.

Each bundle of cord is supplied in 100ft lengths and there are several colours to choose from (please see the dropdown menu).

Here at Greenman Bushcraft we offer a huge range of genuine US made paracords in a large range of colours. We also offer wholesale supply (contact us for details).


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