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Karrimor Predator Side Pocket
Karrimor Predator Side Pocket

Karrimor Predator Side Pocket

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The Predator side pocket PLCE attaches in the same way as a standard PLCE side pocket and can be used on packs outside the Predator range. Two single ammunition/utility pouches are mounted above a single Omni pouch allowing a large amount of ammunition or other items to be carried. The Predator side pocket is designed to be low profile resolving a key operational issue with the larger standard pockets in urban operations where access can be restricted.

Features (for special forces use)

  • 2 Ammunition pouches each carries; 3 magazines or, 60x 7.62 link
  • 1 Omni pouch carries; 8 SA80 or similar magazines or, 1 Large minimi magazine (either hard or soft type) or, 2x Small minimi magazines (soft type) or, 8x UGL 40mm grenades or, 300x 7.62mm link ammunition.
  • Rotproof thread
  • Material: KS100e.
  • Sold in singles

Of course these pockets are very useful for non-special forces use, so you can keep your bits and bobs for camping, bushcraft and travel items in the side pocket. Ideal for small maps, tinder sets, multi-tools, lunch items, etc.


"I found these pockets to be ideal for my needs while hiking in the mountains. The main thing to consider with regard to these is that (as far as I am aware) they were initially designed to carry military ammunition, rather than carry lots of small items that may or may not fall out when you lay your bergen down. I mainly carried first aid kits, food and waterproofs in them. Having said that, I also carried smaller stuff like small packs of water purification tablets and unwittingly stashed my car keys in one of the top pockets. They were still there when I got back after 5 days! I had been up some fairly steep routes as well, so had taken my backpack off a number of times while negotiating the terrain and chucked it about quite a bit. The ones I received were slightly different from the picture on the site. The straps are designed differently, and they are plain with no logos on the front (although I actually prefer no logos anyway). In summary, the build quality is very good, but you may want to consider what types of items you are going to carry and whether you might need some zip pouches as well. Ultimately, they did the job for me."

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Max

"I just don't get the hype about these either, I'm sorry to say that they don't meet up to my expectations any more than the double pocket ones do. They fit on the rucksack via 2 zips (1 each side) and 4 buckles (2 top & 2 bottom). When these are full of gear they hang away from the rucksack and look like they just don't fit. The flaps that close the pockets are Velcro tabbed and buckled, but there is nothing at the top of the pocket like a draw string or elastic to pinch the top of the pocket in so when the flap does go over and close completely covers and protects it. If it rains, anything in the pockets will get wet as the top sides of them just gape out. If the rucksack falls over and you have small objects in them, they could come out like my little maglite tourch did. Pointless and not very well thought out. Come on karrimor surely you can do better. For the sake of 30 odd quid, you'd expect more, to be honest I would have returned them all I'd I could have been bothered to. A possible fix may be to make a hole on the top edge of both sides of the pocket and thread through some elastic or something but you'd have to think to yourself why should I do this, I've just paid all that money for something that half works. Basically not impressed and probably won't be invited to write any more reviews, soz but I'm being honest. Thanks for reading. They do look good though, but functionality kinda sucks and you don't even get the Karrimor logo on them either as apparently the army prefers the plain look so you don't get what the picture shows so forget that. Disappointed. Soz, Cheers. "

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Tim
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