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GSI Glacier Gourmet Non Stick Frying Pan
GSI Glacier Gourmet Non Stick Frying Pan

GSI Glacier Gourmet Non Stick Frying Pan

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A non-stick frying pan for outdoor use Ė something you donít see too often! The GSI Glacier frying pans offer a heavy-gauge aluminium core which is coated in stainless steel for rapid heat transfer. The pan is sturdy, and yet easily transportable and lightweight. The inner surface is non-stick making it easy to cook with.

Non-stick pans are best used on gas stoves, but can be used on the coals of a fire when they become less hot.

The handle is foldable so the pan easily fits inside of backs and ultra-light kits. These pans are perfect for bushcraft, camping, backpacking and general expeditions.

  • SIZE: 8" or 10" Diameter
  • WEIGHT: 17.0 oz or 23.5 oz
  • DIMENSIONS: 8.9'' x 8.5'' x 2.5' or 11" x 10.5" x 2.7"
  • MATERIAL: Non-Stick Coated, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Core


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