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Be Prepared  how children are ready to love the outdoors again

Be Prepared how children are ready to love the outdoors again

It seems like not a week goes by without a report condemning the youth of today. Children are criticised for staying indoors too much, spending their free time in front of screens rather than playing in the great outdoors. Technology’s rise, however beneficial it can be to our lives, has unfortunately allowed our children to be hidden from the wonders of the natural world. If reports were to be believed, they find the high resolution of computer graphics a more scintillating prospect than getting their hands dirty in parks, woodlands and the like.

What we must not forget, however, is how adaptable children can be. With the right encouragement, they will soon be able to enjoy a balanced lifestyle that incorporates the best of both worlds. The change has to be facilitated by the adult world, and we cannot expect the responsibility to lie solely at the feet of parents and teachers but politicians, youth leaders and field experts too.

There are initiatives springing up all round the country that are trying to rekindle the flame. The imminent summer holidays, with their longer days and warmer nights, offer the perfect platform for outdoor activities to take place. It may seem like a daunting prospect trying to prise the little ones away from the television or the iPad, but a lot of parents are finding that once they get out in the open it’s difficult to get them back in.

Often it can also be a question of time. The demands of the working week leave little room for adventures into the wilderness. Institutes such as the Scouts and the Guides, with groups that spread across the country and cater for almost one million members, are ready-made and accessible ways of getting kids into an outdoor routine. They are still hugely respected in society, with many of their achievements often recognised by local news. Not only giving offering a much needed helping of outdoor activity, parents and youth leaders alike highlight the benefits the organisations have had on their children’s development.

‘It is really wonderful’, one parent said, ‘how it has developed [my child] into a young adult.’

What is often highlighted a major concern is the health and safety aspect. The very thought of putting a knife, flint or an axe anywhere near a child is enough to send shivers down any parent’s spine. With the right supervision, however, it offers children not only the chance to develop worthwhile skills but also to gain the confidence that comes with trust and responsibility. While safety is rightfully treated as the most important factor when organising outdoor activity, it is also key to provide a foundation of knowledge so as to improve their learning too.

By typing in ‘children’ to our search bar, you will be able to see our range of safe and suitable survival tools. From whittling kits to carving knives, nets for pond dipping and state of the art head torches, our range of products mean you and your family can get out and experience nature without the worry of a detour to A&E.

At Greenman Bushcraft we understand the value of what the great outdoors has to offer. The enthusiasm that can be sparked from the beauty and excitement of the natural world is one that we believe can never truly be forgotten.


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