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Shelter & Sleep

Outdoor sleeping is an experience not to be missed, so if you're planning on making your own shelters and sleeping in the wild or on your next bushcraft course, make sure you've got a good set of equipment to ensure a good night's rest. We stock quality bushcraft bashas, groundsheets, hammocks and a range of accessories to meet all your sleep and shelter needs. You'll find leading brands, such as DD Hammocks, Fox, Snugpak, Amazonas, Tatonka, Highlander Outdoor and Nordisk.

Choosing and Shelter Site

When choosing an ideal site for sleeping in the elements there are several very important factors to consider, and here we will consider the basics.

In an ideal world, the campsite should be set-up in a location where natural and useful resources such as firewood and a supply of fresh water are easily assessable. The ground should be level and well-drained unless you will be sleeping in a hammock. It's also vital to check that the floor is not made up of peat, or a fire can cause huge damage, burning unnoticed underground and spreading for days, weeks and sometimes months.

If using tarps and hammocks to sleep out it's also a good idea to consider the spacing of trees to make sure they are suitable for attaching your kit to. Trees need to be strong and completely free of dead branches hanging in the canopy as these can fall at any time and cause injury, or worse!

Another good tip when sleeping out in the woods is to inspect the whole area for ant nests! Even relatively harmless British wood-ants can become a nuisance!

We also recommend carrying a few spare bundles of paracord and some spare carabinas in case you decide to change your set-up.