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Forest Schools

We have added a selection of our products from across the broader range from the entire site here to The Forest School Supplies section. This includes a mixture of tools including fire lighting and tool sharpening kits, cooking equipment such as selected pots & grills, woodcarving tools such as our Bushcraft Woodcarving set, and survival equipment such as Health & Safety equipment, which have been tailored to meet the demands of outdoor education, forest schools, bushcraft courses and the teachers who run these events. If you would like to view our wider range of products that may better suit your needs, please view our non-forest school categories for specific product types and a more in-depth choice of equipment. To speak with one our forest school trainers please click on our contact section and send us an email or give us a call to discuss the type of equipment you will need to run a forest school or other outdoor educational event, or to be prepared to attend one of these courses for yourself.