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Fire Lighting

Fire lighting in the wilderness is an essential skill for survival, scouting, and bushcraft. It is vital for cooking, keeping warm and as a focal point for camp activities. Lighting fires is something of an art, but is much easier with the right tools! Buy good quality firelighting equipment to be prepared for all conditions.

One of our most popular type of firelighters amongst bushcrafters and survivalists alike are the ferrorod fire starters. With a large ferrocerium rod and a hard scraper used to create sparks hot enough to light synthetic or natural tinder by scratching them together manually. One variation of this is a type that has a built-in striking blade that makes it much easier to create sparks with the use of only one hand. Another variation is a magnesium bar that can be scraped with a knife or any other sharp object to create a powdered tinder that easily burns for a few seconds.

We stock a range of high-quality kits, firesteels, strikers, reliable lighters, and fire pistons for creating fire, as well as plenty of tinder from brands you can trust, including Light My Fire, Primus, and Exotac. Therefore, you can be assured that the products we offer here are of the highest quality and ensure their ease of use and reliability.

Please note that some of these products listed here are dangerous and should be used with caution. We may carry out full identity checks on anyone wishing to order any age-restricted products from our website, depending on the product. Moreover, whilst we always strictly follow the law, we must emphasise to our customers that any product purchased from us must be used responsibly and appropriately.