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Greenman Bushcraft Scout Firesteel
Greenman Bushcraft Scout Firesteel

Greenman Bushcraft Scout Firesteel

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Due to our hugely popular Greenman Bushcraft Army Steel, we have decided to launch a smaller and more compact version, but this time with a full-size handle for extra grip. As always, unlike many firesteels on the market, our firesteels are made from high-quality materials and are available at wholesale prices due the fact we don't use any middlemen.

Scout Size Bushcraft Firesteel

If you plan on venturing into the great outdoors, then being able to start a fire in all weathers is a must, and our weatherproof scout firesteel will allow you to do this with ease - you just need some dry tinder to catch a spark from the ferroicum rod.

How to use a Firesteel effectively?

Firesteels are easy to use, and the larger than average size handles of this model are particularly useful for educational use with children. Simply scrape the ferro rod with the back of a knife, or scraper included along the length of the firesteel thus creating a shower of fire-giving sparks which will easily ignite a tinder bundle. We recommend natural tinder, such as birch bark or thistle down, but we have plenty of other natural alternatives in our bushcraft store if required.

Greenman Bushcraft Scout Firesteel Specification

We've purposely used an army firesteel sized handle on this smaller scout-size version. We've done this as we feel it allows a better grip for children as well as adults. The entire length of the unit is 65mm and the ferroicum rod is 37mm in length and has a thickness of 4.5mm. These rods last approx. 5,000 uses if used correctly, but it's important not to apply too much pressure in order to preserve it for longer. We've also included a basic scraper (please use the side of the scraper for it to be most effective). A black utility cord lanyard is also included.


"As usual prompt delivery pleased with that. The fire steel proved difficult to use for 5-7 year olds using the scraper. And me being left handed found it so to as the scraper aharp wdge is for right hand use. It works better with the Light My Fire metal scraper. It is strong though and takes heavy use well."

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