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Cutting Tools

Bushcraft knives, survival knives, axes and other outdoor cutting tools play a key part in many wilderness survival techniques and Bushcraft or forest school training. It is vital to choose only high-quality specialist equipment that will serve you well on your travels and adventures for many years. The full range of Bushcraft tools that we offer have been tried and tested by us, and other well-respected figures in the outdoor equipment world.

In addition to these cutting tools, we offer a range of accessories, blade care and safety equipment to make sure that your cutting tools are kept sharp and in top condition, while at the same time ensuring safety by means of guards, sheaths and pouches. If you need to discuss your needs, then simply visit our contact page and request to speak with one of our experts, who will be able to assess your requirements and make recommendations.

Greenman Bushcraft has been a responsible supplier of knives and tools for nearly ten years. In addition, we carry out full identity checks (NOT Credit Checks) on anyone wishing to order any age-restricted products from our website.  Moreover, whilst we always strictly follow the law, we must emphasise to our customers that any product purchased from us must be used responsibly and appropriately.

If you find the law surrounding knives and other cutting tools confusing, we can explain it all for you; click here to read our useful blog on UK Knife Law.