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Bushcraft Knives

Whether for survival skills, hunting, bushcraft, forest schools, army or scout use, survival and bushcraft knives are an essential tool to carry out tasks such as woodcarving, skinning, fire lighting, shelter building, and other camp-crafts.

Choosing The Best Bushcraft Knife For Your Needs

Choosing the best bushcraft knife can be complex, especially as there are so many different brands, sizes, shapes, and specifications. The majority of bushcraft knives have a blade length of between 7-11cm and the blade is usually made of high-carbon tooling steel, a reliable and strong choice. Other bushcraft knives may offer different steels such as stainless steel. The differences between the steel types of survival knives may be found detailed in this useful blog post.

The 'tang' of the knife is also important. The term 'Full-Tang' means that the steel from the blade continues through the handle. Some tangs only go partially through the handle, whilst others go all of the way through for added strength. We do not offer any knives that are weak, so you can rest assured that knives purchased from Greenman Bushcraft are all strong and have long or full-tangs. You can read all about the 'tang' of a knife in this very useful article.

Handmade Bushcraft Knives

Handmade bushcraft and survival knives offer one-off designs and usually incorporate natural materials in their construction, such as reindeer antler, full-grain, or reindeer leather sheaths, bespoke wooden handles from exotic species of tree, or native timbers, such as old English Yew wood. Bespoke hand-made bushcraft knives will all vary greatly, each one made to high standards but completely individual. Take, for example, our own Greenman Bushcraft Knife that has been crafted from the finest English materials, each element handcrafted by a local craftsman, keeping true to traditional techniques in the manufacturing process.

Our Bushcraft and Survival Knives

We hold a wide assortment of the best Bushcraft knives on the market today. We only stock tried-and-tested, top-quality brands, including Fallkniven, Wood Jewel, Mora, Opinel, enZo and Helle, among many others. From beginners Bushcraft knives to those used by survival instructors, we really do have the lot under one roof!

To help you choose the best survival and bushcraft knives for your specific needs, why not read our helpful guide on choosing a bushcraft knife.

Do you find the law surrounding knives confusing? No problem. Click here to read our useful blog post on UK Knife Law.