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Billhooks are the traditional European bushcraft tool of choice for cutting small amounts of wood or lighter materials. In appearance and function billhooks are somewhere between a large knife, a machete and an axe. Billhooks are the foresters cutting tool of choice for coppicing woodland trees, such as hazel, and they have a long history of being used to carry out the unique skill of hedge-laying, an art which can still be seen in some woodlands which are managed with traditional methods.

Billhooks are wonderful cutting tools which are useful for splitting kindling, pruning woody plants, coppicing, felling, splitting, and hedge-laying and they make a good alternative to a machete or parang, and are more in-tune with British woodland environments.

We offer a full-range of billhooks in varying local patterns. Each of our billhooks has been quality checked for your peace of mind.

If you are interested in learning more about these lovely forest tools, then please read our useful BLOG Post which goes into depth about the history of the billhook and how they may be used in bushcraft and forest schools today.

Should you require further information on billhooks, or any of our other products, then please contact us for expert advice.