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Opticron Oregon LE WP 8x32 Binoculars - Review

Opticron Oregon LE WP 8x32 Binoculars - Review

Opticron Oregon 8x32 review

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Please CLICK HERE to view these binoculars.

Whilst out, either running my wild food courses, or just in my spare time I like to carry a pair of binoculars around my neck for a spot of wildlife observation when I get the opportunity.  Over the years I have tried out countless brands, and types of optics, both binoculars and scopes.

In this review im going to cover the Opticron Oregon LE WP 8x32, which I have been testing for a solid 2 years!  I will try to keep it relatively short and to the point, without too much unwanted jargon.

Before this field test I always used a pair of Leica binoculars which cost me about £900.00 7 years ago, today they would be more like £1400.  The Opticron Oregon 8x32 are a fraction of this price (under £85.00 HERE), but do they still hold their own place in the elite of the optics world?

My first impression, when I heard the price, was that these were going to be lightweight, plastic and optically very poor, like many others on the market are.  However, I was very surprised to find that they have a sleek appearance, good weight and a lovely balance and feel.  They look like a pair of binoculars which cost many times what they do.

Each barrel is nitrogen filled, so they are not only waterproof, but they will also resist internal fogging. The the fully multi-coated optical system offers a great clarity, and edge to edge sharpness.  The 32mm objective lens (front lens) allows for lots of light to enter the internal system, which produces very bright images allowing for the user to view fine details, such the colours and textures of birds feathers.  The 8x magnification is powerful enough to obtain good views, but is not so powerful that they are difficult to keep perfectly still.  Powerful magnification is used as a selling point on cheap optics and in reality it's pretty much useless to anyone, unless you made of stone and don't move an inch, but even then the image would become very dark and lose all detail.

The long eye relief twist-type eyecups are much more comfortable than most and the rubber armoured finish to the body is perfect for outdoor use, where they may be liable to knocks and drops. I know when I'm leaning forward or bending down to pick something up during my 2 years of tests with these I managed to prove their ruggedness!

My favorite feature that these bins offer is that of the close focus. These will focus as close in as 1.8m, although in my tests I found it to be even better than that! This is a great feature for anyone who loves to watch butterflies and dragonflies, making identification a pleasing job.

The Opticron Oregon LE WP 8x32 binoculars come complete with a case, strap, rain guard, lens caps and a 5 year Opticron guarantee.

Product details

Magnification (x) 8
Front lens diameter (mm) 32
Prism type Roof
Field of view (m at 1000m) 141
Minimum focus distance (m) 1.8
Size (mm) 109 x 118
Weight (g) 515
Waterproof Yes
5 year guarantee

Optical quality: 10/10
Build quality: 9/10
Size: 9/10
Comfort: 10/10
Accsessories: 8/10
Price: 10/10

Overall: 56/60

Conclusion - I can't speak highly enough of these binoculars. If I don't like something, I will most certainly say so. Of course binoculars are a personal choice, but I can honestly say that at least 20 people I have shown these to have met me again out in the woods months later with a pair around their neck (this was over 2 years). The price is very misleading, and I for one would be happy to pay much more for these. If you love looking at wildlife or even ships at sea then these are just the ticket. I think the fact I rarely use my £900 Leica bins now speak volumes.

Please CLICK HERE to view these binoculars.


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