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Smore Recipe

Smore Recipe

We all love a campfire snack and most likely we’re all very familiar with beans cooked inside of a Dutch Oven, or maybe some sausages frying in the skillet, or, of course, the classic marshmallow bubbling over the flames of the campfire as it bursts and sizzles with heat from the flames.

One campfire treat that you may not be so familiar with is that of “S’mores”. The Smore is a classic American campfire treat which has been taken to the next level of sweetness and addictiveness.

A Smore may not be at all healthy, but it is a warming to treat to enjoy with family and friends once in a while whilst basking around the glowing orange flames from the bonfire. They can be enjoyed at any time, but there is something special about eating these hot and stickly treats as the nights begin to draw in and a slight chill in the nigh time air becomes apparent.

The name “Smore” is thought to derive from scouts asking for “Some More”, and although this can’t be verified, it does seem logical that this is where the origins of the name firmly belong.

So, how does one make a “Smore” I hear you ask? Well, it’s really very simple, but there are no set rules, so play around and see what flavour combination works best for you!

Smore Ingredients:

Good quality chocolate

Toasting Marshmallow

Method Of Making S’mores

1) First of all, choose some biscuits, ideally something relatively plain and not coated with chocolate as it will become incredibly messy, and believe me, S’mores are messy enough to enjoy without the extras.
2) Lay a few squares of chocolate onto a biscuit.
3) Grab one, maybe two or even three marshmallows. Add them to a toasting fork and roast the marshmallows over the open flames of the campfire. Wait for them to begin to bubble and burst, going all gooey and charred.
4) Now take the hot marshmallows and using another biscuit sandwich them between the biscuit with the chocolate on top

The heat from the marshmallows is enough to start to melt the chocolate and make the ideal, but somewhat sickly-sweet ‘Smore’.

Next time you find yourself sitting around the campfire, especially if with a scout troop, why not give this a go?

Enjoying Smores


Not sure I believe this is a proper american recipe, "Good quality chocolate" isn't common over there...
Aidan 23-12-2014 at 21:56


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