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Tatonka Alcohol Burner - Review

Tatonka Alcohol Burner - Review

Tatonka Alcohol Burner

This review comes from

This is going to be a mini review, as I don’t want to get all technical, and let’s be honest who wants to? And who can, over such a simple but effective item?

On with the review....

I spent last night outside under the stars, and before the off, I knew I wanted to travel light; I hate carrying things that I don’t ‘really’ need. Now,  usually I just make a small fire to cook something over, but when travelling in environmentally sensitive areas it’s important not to have fires! So, my question to myself was ‘do I take the gas stove?’ but I didn’t have much room, and if I’m 100% honest I don’t really like carrying a gas cylinder in my bag, especially in some of the areas I travel in.

So the perfect answer seemed to be the Tatonka Alcohol Burner, a very small bit of kit which can even fit in the pocket and it comes with the optional accessories of a stand and flame adjustor, should you need them. All you need is a little fuel (meths).


  • Measurements:  7,5 x 5,5 cm
  • Weight:  95g - 120ml
  • Material:  Stainless Steel 18/8
  • The construction is fantastic, better than other types I have tried in the past, and when you consider the current price of (£6.50) you wonder how they can be made so well.

They are very easy to use, and although they are going to be slower to heat anything, if you compare it to a high power gas cooker, they are in my opinion much more fun and in keeping with the surrounding environment.

They can be a devil to obtain as Tatonka only make a few each year!

EASE OF USE: 10/10
BUILD: 10/10
SIZE: 10/10
AVALIBLITY: 5/10 (they can be hard to obtain)
OVERALL: 45/50

If this review has put you in the mood to own one of these little beasties, then click the link below.



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