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Bushcraft Start-up Kit for Under 100

Bushcraft Start-up Kit for Under 100

Here at Greenman Bushcraft we fully appreciate and understand that it can be somewhat confusing if you are just beginning to learn about bushcraft or wild camping, and you don’t quite know what kit you need to start your new hobby – or maybe you just don’t want to spend lots of time reading product descriptions and weighing up the pros and cons of everything. To help remove the stress we’ve introduced a new ‘Bushcraft Start-Up Kit’ that will provide everything that you need (in terms of kit) to start this fascinating hobby. And the best part…. We’ve brought everything to you at under £100, plus you can earn points against this offer and get FREE UK delivery. We truly believe this is the best bushcraft starter set that you can buy, and we’ve not scrimped on quality either – all goods being made by well-known outdoor brands.

Bushcraft for Under £100 – Kit Contents

In our Bushcraft Kits we’ve included everything that you will need on a typical weekend in the woods – with the exception of good clothing and a meal.

The first product is a large high-quality Military Rucksack to keep all of your newly acquired kit in. Along with the rucksack we also include a 2 season sleeping bag and a foam sleeping mat for added comfort – but of course, you need some protection from the elements, so we’ve also included a Boonies Outdoor tarpaulin and some genuine 550 paracord for setting it all up easily. We’ve also thrown in a survival bag which may be used as a bivi bag or as a waterproof gear store.

No Bushcraft Starter set would be complete without a high end bushcraft knife. We only supply the very best bushcraft knives, and those included within our kits are generally made by Mora of Sweden. To go with your survival knife we also provide a fine grit sharpening stone to keep the edge in tip top order for wood carving and general field crafts.

It may be that you have the skills to forage a free meal from nuts and fruits growing in the woodlands – but if you need to cook some beans or other campfire foods then you can use the new mess tin that we’ve added to this kit along with a KFS set (Knife, Fork and Spoon) and an army pattern 58 water bottle and mug set – water may be boiled in the mess tin to purify it before adding it to the bottle, but of course in order to boil water or cook food you will need to be able to light a fire, so we’ve also thrown in a high quality army fire flash and a packet or easy-light tinder. 

If building a fire, you may well need to cut some fallen deadwood, and to do this you will need a good quality folding wood saw – guess what? We’ve included one of these into this kit as well! And to finish off there’s also a survival whistle for emergency signalling and a head torch for lighting your way around your campsite at night.

The Greenman Bushcraft Starter Set really is the best value kit around, and you can order yours by following this link - Greenman Bushcraft Starter Set


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