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Channel 4 Want You For Your Own TV Survival Show

Channel 4 Want You For Your Own TV Survival Show

Have you ever fancied staring in your own TV survival or bushcraft show? Maybe you’d like to test your survival skills in a real life island survival situation? If so, then maybe this will be for you?

Channel 4 have asked Greenman Bushcraft to help them recruit several willing volunteers to pit their survival and bushcraft skills against the wilds of a desert island for a new TV show due to air in 2014. The new Channel 4 series will explore the ‘science of survival' and be named 'The Island, with Bear Grylls'.

Channel 4 are looking for fit and able persons of all ages (18+) each with their unique skillset, to be cast away on a tropical island to see how they fare.

Shine, the production company have asked that volunteers not have previous survival skills experience; they’re looking for average day to day folk whom want a break for the normal 9-5 day job and see how they do when stripped of 21st century comforts.

So, if you’re interested in being filmed by a TV crew as you build your own shelters, catch your own dinner and light your own fires whilst living on a remote island, then get in touch!

To apply, please email: (EXPIRED) for an application form.

Closing date for applications: Sunday 27th October 2013 at midnight.


Hi dont know if the date has passed but would love to do something like that sounds amazing been into bushcraft for the last 10 years and think i would do well in that kind ov envoroment
Lee handley 12-04-2014 at 22:47
My friend is on the Island with Bear Grylls he applied from this page on Greenman Bushcraft, so this will be fun to watch, and funny too probably!
Jay 06-05-2014 at 13:13
Glad to hear that, Jay! You'll have to keep us updated with how his survival adventure on the island goes!

Lee - i'm afraid the date had passed by the time you left a message. You can watch the show on channel four at the moment - The Island With Bear Grylls.
Greenman 06-05-2014 at 13:38
Would love the challenge.
If they happen to run 2nd series would be very interested.

Good luck to all
Gary mcfarlane 09-05-2014 at 13:02
Loving the show, and if there are plans for a second show, I would very much like the opportunity to take part.Gutted I missed out on chance to be in this show. Thank you .
Mr Carlos Cleverley 13-05-2014 at 18:36
Naming no names, I also know someone on this programme who applied here. Not a bad show, but slightly embarrassing at times! I applied but wasn't in luck on this occasion, but thanks for the chance Greenman - maybe next time!
Dan 13-05-2014 at 20:52
Hi I would love to be in the next series of the island not to sure how to go about it so I thought I'd start here just woundering I'm from Ireland dose that matter or are yous just looking for British people
Matthew Lowe 02-06-2014 at 22:20
I would love to be made aware of any similar survival shows that are upcoming that I may apply for!
Jana 27-03-2016 at 16:54


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