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Greeman Bushcraft Army Firesteel is the only summer accessory you need

Greeman Bushcraft Army Firesteel is the only summer accessory you need

Ah, finally, summer is slowly but surely revealing itself. It’s been long awaited, and hesitantly anticipated, but it’s here. It’s the time of year when the weekends aren’t just for sleeping in till midday and catching up with all your TV shows. Oh no, from June till however long the summer decides stays with us, weekends get an adventure revamp. Whether it’s with family, friends or partners, Britons everywhere pack their rucksacks and hit the road. Camping in the forest, strolling through the woods, partying on the beach, you name it and UK dwellers are probably out living it. We’re in fully fledged outdoor mode, and there’s no stopping us now.

Packed cars filled with numerous backpacks, rolls of sleeping bags, badly packed tents and roof-racks balancing bikes, can be seen trundling along the motorways. Upon arrival of your chosen destination, unpacking begins. Slowly but surely base camp is assembled. Crooked tents covered in dried mud and filled with last year’s sand are erected and everybody has a home for the weekend.

In the modern world most of us are sat in buildings, looking at computer screens and answering phones. This makes getting back to nature all the sweeter. The great outdoors is an uncontrollable and unpredictable environment which just adds to its novelty, even if it can be frustrating at times. We have grown too used to being in constant control of our direct surroundings. When we let it all go it does us some good to realise that we can’t be in charge of everything.

Greenman Army Firesteel

After a day of running, jumping, cycling, swimming and laughing, tired eyes and aching feet are dragged back to base camp. Time for one of the best part of being able to be outdoors, building a fire! Despite our Neanderthal ancestors being able to make fire relatively successfully with the use of only stones, most modern humans seem to have somewhat lost the knack. This is where people will be divided. Those who have not purchased the Greenman Bushcraft Army Firesteel fire striker will spend an untold amount of time twizzling semi-dried sticks together, striking numerous matches, waving lighters and all the while continually getting colder and hungrier as the night draws in.

Yes, you can’t control the great outdoors, but one thing you can control is lighting your fire safely and efficiently. We’ve been the masters of fire for millions of years, let’s not stop now. The Greenman Bushcraft Army Firesteel is a small, lightweight fire striker which you can attach to any key chain to make a must – take on any summer adventure. You simply need to strike the firesteel rod with the supplied striker on the back to create a huge shower of sparks which will quickly and easily ignite your tinder and create the campfire you’ve been looking forward to all winter.

If a compact, easy to use and safe fire striker isn’t enough to steer you away from using sticks, then how about the Greenman Bushcraft Army Firesteel’s other features? Our product doubles up as not only a ruler to help you navigate those endlessly confusing maps, but also as a bottle opener. Yes, summer is here and you’re getting back to nature, sitting round a well-made campfire and sipping on a well-deserved beer. Who could say no to that?


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