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Online Knife Sales Ban in the Works

Online Knife Sales Ban in the Works

For several years now, here at Greenman Bushcraft, we’ve been making plans for the somewhat inevitable change in the sale and supply of knives and cutting tools. Although until recently nothing official had been announced, we have naturally assumed that the day would come when the supply of knives through the postal system may be banned – and later this year we will find out what the fate of this new legislation will be and how it will affect the Bushcraft community as a whole.

Although nothing is set in stone (yet) the likelihood of the new proposals will include, but not limited to the following changes:

  1. Ban the delivery of all bladed items to residential addresses.
  2. Online shoppers will have to collect their purchase for knives and cutting tools in person.
  3. Those collecting their purchase will have to bring along photo ID, such as a passport.
  4. As a direct result of the changes to the law, expect prices to of cutting tools to rise.

Of course, it is already an offence to supply knives to anyone under the age of 18. But sadly, so many (even some of the well-known online suppliers) fail to check the identity of those purchasing knives before supplying them and this has now resulted in the above proposals to change the law. In fact, figures show that almost three-quarters of online knife retailers fail to verify the age and identity of those purchasing knives.

Since day one, Greenman Bushcraft has invested heavily in our age-verification process, spending hundreds of thousands of pounds to ensure that those who purchase bladed goods from us are of legal age to do so. But, sadly, many of our competitors and even some large corporate entities have failed to adhere to responsible online supply of such goods, which has now (as expected) ruined an important aspect of Bushcraft for all – and of course this will also affect many other markets such as field sports and even cooking.

Announcing her intent to tighten the law with the sale of blades tools online, Home Secretary Amber Rudd said:

‘We are going to be consulting on new legislation so that people can’t buy knives online without having their identity checked.

'At the moment you have to do it by the click of a button.

'What we are proposing is that if you want to buy a knife online it has to be collected from a place where you have to show your ID.

Amber Rudd said she wants to stop people buying knives without verifying their ID

‘We have evidence that young people have been able to buy knives without verifying their ID and I want to stop that.’

In the short term, should these changes take place sooner rather than later, we shall be opening up collection points for the collection of your purchases, but of course, this won’t be practical for everyone.

So, with these changes most likely to take affect very soon, should you wish to order knives from us (a responsible company who will verify the age of the purchaser) we encourage you to do so now as from the autumn this may change.

In the meantime, you will likely notice some changes to the line-up of cutting tools that are available online, so we apologise in advance if many cutting tools show as ‘out of stock’.

We have been working on many plans for the past 5 years to help keep our supply of cutting tools as smooth as ever, but we will be reducing the amount of choice available online.

Should you have any questions please feel free to email us (email rather than call so that we can direct your email to the correct team).


It's simple to solve, all cutting tools like knives should get delivered to the local post office and the buyer has to produce photo id when collecting. It won't change anything at all though. If someone wants to stab someone else all they will do is go in the kitchen. Bans, anmisties and legalisation won't work , education and appropriate laws are al that can be done
Lee 28-07-2017 at 17:53
This legislation will do nothing for the homicide rate, nor prevent homicide.

It is nothing more than the application of fascism on the populace.

No Law should be passed without the public voting to pass that Law.
Bruce Beukes 28-07-2017 at 17:16
Surely a set up similar to those used by other online retailers could work. Within a mile radius of my house there are around half a dozen shops and post offices where I can get goods delivered for collection at my convenience. Would it not be simple to have a system that you can't collect any bladed weapon without ID?
John Docherty 28-07-2017 at 17:19
Utterly rediculous, any number of items can be used as a weapon, its nit the item that's the problem, is the lunatic behind it.

Once again, making life difficult for the majority of people who are sensible, law abiding citizens, and now the prices will go up too.

May as ban any n all mail order n be done with it.
mr magoi 28-07-2017 at 18:50
Thousands are killed in road accidents, so it's time all transport was banned. They took our guns, now our knives; next it will be our dogs! After that the boot really descends on our necks. Only police and criminals have weapons now. Slaves are not permitted weapons.
Pete Thomas 31-07-2017 at 09:53
I am a disabled house bound knife collector, I have been collecting all types & styles of knives from all over the world for years...I currently have a collection of well over a hundred and this has been my hobby and fascination since I was a young man & throughout my military service in Britain's armed forces.
That's all over now!.....thanks to stupid politicians & lefty activist's who couldn't find their own backsides with both hands!, thev'e well and truly messed things up for me!. Collecting vintage, rare and antique knives, as well as the modern military, utility and just plain beautiful handmade custom knives have been my joy and my pride for over 35 years......and with no consultation with the public, or anyone who actually knows anything about knives, they just "out of hand" without so much as a single thought to the financial damage and the shutdowns of businesses this will do to numerous suppliers and knife makers,.. they ban the sale of online knives, like it's going to stop anything! There must be a different solution to this problem but, the government don't want to hear it because, like someone else mentioned, these egotistical narcissistic politicians want the public completely disarmed and defenseless before they go completely 1984, I mean, they wouldn't want anyone to be able to protect themselves if they are being assaulted in their own homes now do they? no we cant have that at all!.
I look at this country now and I don't even recognize it at all,...It's certainly not the country I grew up in and served the country in the Military for? It's the bloody government that needs banning! not the sale of knives online, there all a bunch of idiots and I do mean "All" of them, they have betrayed the people of this once Great they are just sticking the last knives in the public's back....just like the back stabbing bar stewards they are. Sorry about the rant but, this is just the last straw for me, I've had enough of these idiot's telling us what we can and can't do, or can & can't say!....It just seemed to all come out in this rant!.
Bless the people, Bludgeon the politicians & do gooder's.
Realistic Nick 25-08-2017 at 17:01
I'd like to know the amount of knife crime committed with the sort of knives sold to collectors and knife enthusiasts through outlets like Greenman, compared with knife crime committed with kitchen knives, knives stolen from pub kitchens and ordinary bread and butter knives sharpened with a file or on a concrete doorstep.
I suspect this is a measure designed to impress people who know NOTHING about knives and knife crime that the government is DOING SOMETHING.
I also suspect it will do NOTHING to the incidence of knife crime.
Keith Thomas 25-08-2017 at 18:47
"They may take away our knives, but they will never take away our freedom"
Brave heart 25-08-2017 at 18:28
We have some of the most restrictive Firearms Laws in the world this does not stop criminals from getting Firearms. You can only legislate against the law abiding criminals don't care and this law will mainly do exactly that penalise the law abiding such as the Bushcraft community.

I do not have any issue with proving my age to buy age restricted items. What I do have a problem with is the ban of online sale, allow online sale, mark the parcel with a sticker "Age Restricted item -18" or whatever the age is. Then send it to a local collection point, shop or PO the person at collection point doesn't know or need to know what's in the parcel all they know is it's age restricted and whoever collects the parcel proves their age or the parcel gets returned to sender.

This will have an impact on costs BUT clear notice on website "If you attempt to get around Age Restricted Article legislation your edged implement WILL be returned to us and you will NOT receive any refund of purchase cost."

None of this will happen though the HO will "consult" yer right and then simply ban the online sale......another piece of knee jerk / sop to the masses legislation.
Martin Hopper 26-08-2017 at 07:41
Totally agree with realistic Nick - I am partially disabled and also live on the Isle
Of Wight and it will be difficult for an arrangement to be made as Iím offshore - I have to get airsoft stuff sent to my sonís workplace on the mainland so he can bring it to me when he visits

The idea of the items being retained for personal collection from the local
Post office is a simple and effective solution to the problem - if collecting some parcels that you have missed you have to prove who you are so there is no difference

Regulation is not going to stop villains - they will always be able to get guns and knives if they wish - these rules only penalise the honest middle of the road person who gets enjoyment from the collection and ownership of the items in question

My knife collection is kept in locked cases so it is secure and cannot be accessed by my grandchildren

Once again, decent respectable people are being penalised due to the activities of those of a less responsible and reasonable nature
David Ford 13-11-2017 at 16:27
I agree with Lee 100%. It makes perfect sense to pay for delivery to a parcel sorting office such as the post office where both age verification & an identity check can be swiftly carried out before parcel handed over.

This solution is the best solution for all who buy this type of equipment such as bushcrafters like myself.

I don't even mind a small tax being added a few pence in the pound per parcel that goes direct to the government.

Logic will overcome stupidity in this situation I hope.
Michael 07-01-2018 at 16:37


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