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Preppers Bug Out Bags and Kits

Preppers Bug Out Bags and Kits

We’ve all seen the doom and gloom in the news recently – especially the sad and worrying outbreak of Ebola. Or maybe, you’ve heard about the Solar Rays set to knock out the grid – all very depressing stuff. However, here at Greenman Bushcraft we try to be a little more upbeat, and whilst we encourage everyone to have a little survival knowledge, we won’t be pressuring our customers to don gasmasks and arm yourselves for the ‘Zombie apocalypse’ that we keep hearing about (we’re 99.9% sure this one may well turn out be false!).

Nevertheless, a few of our UK prepper friends have been requesting ‘Bug Out’ bags of high-quality with low price tags. We’ve been shown other examples, and to be honest, they all seem to be of low-quality or hugely over-priced (often both!).

So… we’ve decided to launch our own Greenman Bug Out Bags which will contain high quality outdoor survival equipment at rock bottom prices – essentially a better quality version of anything else available but with nicer equipment and a much lower price tag to boot! Our own Bug Out Bags are now avalible on our website, and custom bags may also be made to order. Please CLICK HERE to view our current Greenman Preppers Bags.


Looks great, needs to be affordable as all the current ones seem to be massively overpriced simply because they are put together for you. How about some dried rations/mre's also?
Chris Foster 30-12-2014 at 15:10


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