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Boonies Outdoor Spark Discs

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Boonies outdoor spark discs are invaluable for lighting fires in any weather condition. Each disc is made from a natural fibrous material that is fully waterproofed. Simply tear a section off,  roughen the edges and light it with a spark from a firesteel or the flame from a match. Spark discs will still light even if fully submersed in water first, and they burn slowly for approx ten minutes, which gives you time to build a fire without feeling rushed. 

Boonies Outdoor Fire Lighting Supplies

Spark discs are supplied in a reusable and handy tin, which may also be used as a safe dry area for catching the sparks from a firesteel before transferring the tinder to your main fire site. 

There are two pack sizes available - 6pk and a 10-pk - Select from the dropdown.

Boonies Outdoor Spark Discs will work with and firesteel, but they work particularly well with the Greenman Bushcraft Firesteel due to the extra 'spark throw' that is created with it.


"Recently, I received an email from Greenman Bushcraft and one of the items they had on special offer was some similar products called the Boonies Outdoor Spark Discs. Unfortunately, the sales price is now gone but these are available in tins of 6 for 5.95 (99p each) or 10 for 6.95 (69.5p each), with discounts available for purchase of multiple tins. They look very similar to the Pathfinder Mini Inferno disks so I put in an order so that I could try them out. Weather conditions today were similar to those on my previous review of MI disks against my home-made ones so I grabbed the chance to do a test and gave it a go. I opened up the Boonie disk in much the same way as the others but the ferro rod I was using this time was somewhat smaller than the other one and it took me a fair few strikes to set the disk alight. Once it caught though it burned well and didnt blow out in the wind. This disk burned for 9 minutes but I then turned it over with the tip of my knife and it flared up again and burned for another minute before going out. Boonie dont say exactly what they use in their disks but the fibres are very like cotton wool and the burn left a waxy residue on the stone, so Im guessing that it will be similar to the Pathfinder or my disks, though, like the Pathfinders these are quite flat and dry to handle. Either way, these disks are as convenient and effective firelighters as the others, cheaper than Mini Infernos and burn longer than the MI, as long as mine, and are as reliable as mine in the wind. Generally, I reckon they are definitely worthy of consideration for your packed-to-carry kits. "

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