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Brass Plate For Bolsters

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When making your own bushcraft knife, you may feel that it will require a bolster plate or finger guard for either safety, or purely aesthetical purposes. Bolster plates help to create a nice, snug fit between the handle and the base of the blade. A bolster plate offers protection to the handle as well as providing a more balanced feel and pleasing appearance to your newly created handmade bushcraft knife.

Often, pre-cut bolster plates just don't do the job, they'll be too tight a fit for the tang of your knife, too loose, or the plate itself will be too small for the handle material that you've chosen for your home-built knife. When this happens the only answer is to make your own bolster plate, which is usually a costly affair, as brass sheets usually only come in large pieces, but as always, Greenman Bushcraft have solved this issue for you and brought you our own Brass Bolster Blanks, which we cut ourselves to 40 x 50mm for you to use. Each chunk is 3mm thick and gives you the option to construct one large bolster for big knives, or even make a couple of small bolsters.

Does My Knife Need a Bolster or Finger Guard?

A finger guard made from brass acts in the same way as a bolster does, and only differs in that there is a protrusion to the front, offering a simple, yet effective barrier between the blade of your bushcraft knife and your fingers! The decision is yours to make.

With our Greenman Bushcraft Brass Bolster Blanks you have enough brass to make a larger bolster for Leuku style blades, or cut several smaller bolsters from small blades. You will of course need your own tools to cut and shape these sheets of brass.

UK Brass Sheets Available at Greenman Bushcraft


  • Size: Approx.  50 x 40 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 49 g
  • Please Note: Brass may need polishing


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