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DD Tarp XL
DD Tarp XL
DD Tarp XL

DD Tarp XL

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The DD Tarp XL is an extra-large and highly versatile shelter suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities. This full-size outdoor tarp makes a great spacious shelter for yourself but can also be configured to make a larger shelter for group activities.


DD Tarps are the first choice for outdoor shelter and accommodation thanks to their versatility and high-quality construction. The DD XL tarp is made from tough costed polyester for long-life durability and resilience to adverse weather conditions. The XL Tarps seams are also sealed which prevents water ingress when used in inclement conditions.


DD XL Tarp is fitted with 19 attachment points; 16 around the perimeter of the tarp and 3 on the top. This plethora of mounting options allows the XL tarp to be configured and erected in a huge range of useful ways. DD Tarp shelters come complete with guy lines and pegs to improve structural integrity during high-winds and heavy rain. When not in use, the XL tarp folds down for easy transportation and, weighing less than 1kg, is easily transported from site-to-site.


XL Tarp from DD would make a great shelter for Bushcraft demonstrations, outdoor education classes or forest schools. It can also be configured for camping and can easily accommodate a hammock for outdoor sleeping. Like many of the DD Tarps available, the DD Tarp XL can be selected in one of three colours. Using the drop down above you can select from Olive Green, Coyote Brown or traditional military camo.

  • Size: 4.5m x 3m
  • Colour: Olive green, coyote or camo (MC)
  • Weight: 980g
  • Includes: 4 Guy ropes, 4 pegs and a small stuff sack


"good lightweight tarp, big enough to tie down close to the ground for those rainy english days still with plenty room keep all your gear dry, the bag is a bit on the small side but it would be boring if it was perfect!"

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Russell Widdows

"This tarp is MASSIVE! You have alot of space underneath, can easily accommodate 2 DD camping hammocks and you have alot of options for how you want to rig it up ! Very strong material and a good colour for being quite camouflage. "

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Archie Skelcher

"A really good lightweight tarp, it has plenty of attachment points so is pretty versatile. The tarp is good quality but the guy lines which come included aren't great and the bag seems small to get the tarp back into easily. That's the only reason it loses a star though!"

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Lily Horseman

"I much prefer this to the 3x3 tarp especially when canoeing and hammocking. It is well mad, versatile and light enough for me. The ridge and guy points are plentiful and straong. If I lost it I would buy another."

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Mark Baigent
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