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Primitive Flint And Striker

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Primitive flint and steels offer a more rustic and challenging way to light campfires. This simple, yet effective old fashioned firesteel and flint set is made from high-carbon steel which will work with any natural flint stones that you find in your garden, fields, etc. (flint not included). Each steel striker is approx. 3" in length.

How to Use a Traditional Flint and Striker:

Although more challenging than a modern firesteel, these old-time strikers are still simple to use, but take a while to master. When the carbon steel is struck against the natural flint stone in a downward motion, small red-hot shards of steel will be produced. When these hot sparks land on fine tinder, such as char cloth they will create a glowing ember which is the basis of any good campfire. These steels will last a lifetime, and allow you create many fires and happy memories, especially when teaching others how to ignite a primitive fire as our ancestors would have done.


"Iíve recently been playing with a couple of steel strikers that I bought from Greenman Bushcraft for use with flint. One is one of these very basic U steel that cost just £7.95. The other is a more traditional C shape and cost £10.95. In both cases that is the price of the steel alone and does not include any extras such as a piece of flint, tinder, etc. despite the fact that this U steel is named as a ĎPrimitive Flint and Strikerí, an issue I have notified to tGreenman, though the product description does say that the price is for the striker only. The appearance of the metal leads me to believe that these strikers have been cast or stamped, or possibly laser cut from plate and then hardened, rather than being hammered into shape by a blacksmith. The form and surface of the steel is very smooth and I would lay odds that if you put a couple of the same type on top of one another the fit would be almost perfect. Nevertheless, despite both low price, appearance, and probable means of manufacture, both steels actually work extremely well. Each is just short enough to fit easily into a tobacco tin, traditional tinder box or similarly- sized leather pouch, and are quite light yet big enough to grip and wield comfortably. Used with either large or small pieces of sharp-edged flint, they produce plenty of bright sparks that will create an ember on any suitable material and will do so as easily as any of the other 20 plus steel strikers I now have in my collection, including both modern designs and reproduction of ancient ones. Nor do they show any more signs of wear than any of the others. So, if you want a cheap way to get into traditional fire making, for yourself or someone you want to introduce to the art, or you want something to stash away in a cache, then these, particularly this U steel, are very viable options that, with suitable flint and tinder, will serve you well without breaking the bank. "

StarStarStarStarStarReview By DavidC

"Very nice traditional firesteel. Easy to use and throws good sparks!"

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Mark
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