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Boonies Outdoor 750 TYPE IV Commercial Paracord

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Boonies Outdoor 750 Paracord is often considered to be the ULTIMATE choice of Paracord for Bushcraft and Survival. Its similar to 550 Paracord in terms of appearance, but it has a much higher breaking strain (minimum 750lbs) and boasts 11 inner braids, instead of the usual 7 found in 550. The Diameter is marginally thicker at 5mm and the entire cord is made from 100% Nylon so none of this nasty cheap stuff found in the Chinese equivalent that so many try to pass off as genuine. Boonies Outdoor 750 is American made.

UK Suppliers of 750 Paracord

750 Paracord may be used for bracelets, or the usual outdoor and bushcraft tasks its just a little more versatile and much stronger than any type of 550.

We sell this Paracord PER FOOT if youd like it on a spooled, for each 1000ft ordered it will be supplied on the reel. We can offer custom spool amount/colours if required for large volumes.

We currently supply our 750 Paracord in olive drab, neon orange and black, but we can also supply it in other colours if you require enough volume.

  • Nylon: 100%
  • Size: 5mm - 3/16
  • Core: 11 2 ply strands
  • Tensile Strength: 750 lbs (minimum)
  • Colour: Olive, Neon orange, Black


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