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MIL-C-5040 Military Issue Paracord

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The MIL-C-5040 Military Issue Paracord has a seven strand inner core, which attributes to its overall durability. The braided core is the reason for its strength and elasticity, which makes it a useful asset to any tool or survival kit.

The MIL-C-5040 Military Issue Paracord lives up to its name, with a 550lb breaking strain and the Greenman Bushcraft paracord meets the US military standard. Each bundle (please choose length) of our premium paracord uses only the best tight-weave outer materials and strong inner braids.

Premium Quality Paracord

Cheap and low-quality paracord on the market is all too common. The new ranges of MIL-C-5040 Military Issue Paracord from Greenman Bushcraft are designed to break the mould. Each bundle of premium paracord is made to incredibly high standards in the USA.

The fantastic advantage of the MIL-C-5040 Military Issue Paracord is that it can be fashioned into paracord bracelets, a paracord necklace or a paracord keychain. These can then be easily unravelled during any paracord projects. This makes MIL-C-5040 Military Issue Paracord part of an everyday wearable survival kit. These can be especially useful if your job or lifestyle means you may be in a situation where paracord could be a crucial tool.

Why buy premium quality paracord from Greenman Bushcraft?

Greenman Bushcraft premium quality MIL-C-5040 Military Issue Paracord is made with the user in mind. Our cord is produced by a US manufacturer who has specialised in rope and cord production for many years and is the official contracted supplier to the United States Military. At Greenman Bushcraft, we only provide paracord that has been extensively tested to make top quality products. It is important to us that the MIL-C-5040 Military Issue Paracord meets the latest US military and government specifications. This way, you can rest assured that you are purchasing the best paracord bundles that money can buy.

There are a number of manufacturers who can only provide 550 paracord that matches older military specifications. These are no longer used by the US military and US government. Other companies may also be selling products advertised as "550 cord" that is in fact PET, which is made in China and not load tested or certified. This paracord is made from polyester, not nylon, and is sub-standard.

With MIL-C-5040 Military Issue Paracord from Greenman Bushcraft, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are investing in paracord that has certifiable premium quality. We can also provide a range of colours to suit your individual needs and tastes. Our MIL-C-5040 Military Issue Paracord comes in Black, Olive, Orange, Coyote brown, Red, Navy Blue, Camo, and safety Green (no flash colours for military use of course).

Our aim is to give our customers choice, value and excellence - our 550 premium quality paracord fits your expectations and specifications.

Please note: Our cord is hand-cut, so please allow for small variation in length. 1000 foot equals one spool.


"I use this paracord as guy lines on my tarp. I pitched it on some grass by a beach in extremely stormy weather. The tarp tore to ribbons, leaving the guys attached to the ground. The chord is bombproof. Down sides? MIL-C-5040 is quite large diameter (5-6mm?), so needs big camlocks or cleats to tension it, when used as a guy. It's constructed like a sock, and when you pull it, it reduces in diameter quite a lot, which means you have to choose your cleats carefully. It's also not that easy to seal when you cut it. It doesn't seem to melt that well. I seal it with superglue. "

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Wildcamper

"This stuff is great. Really strong, very easy to tie and untie. There's not a whole lot you can really say about paracord, but this stuff is good and very reasonably priced. No need to buy that stupidly expensive stuff, this is all you need."

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Red Hummingbird

"Really good service, as always. Was exactly what I ordered and needed."

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Graham Swain

"I've been looking for this cord for years, but itís just not been available in the UK until you guys brought it to us. So thanks Greenman Bushcraft for bringing us the best Paracord! I know the cord is limited in colour options due to it being genuine U.S Military parachute cord, but for me that donít matter, I use (at least now) Mil-C-5040 for all of my paracord art creations and always carry a bundle in my bag too, just in case I need it when setting up camp etc (I usually find a use for it). Delivery was fast from you guys as always and the prices for everything on your site is almost always better than anywhere else. I could not ask for more from a bushcraft shop! Cheers."

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Paracord Geek
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