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Whistle Buckles

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A must-have for any outdoor enthusiast, whistle buckles are a multi-use tool which are not only an asset to your kit, but are also fantastic for use in emergencies. Despite being strong and secure buckle, these handy pieces of kit also provide a high-pitch whistle. If you are every in a position where you need to attract attention, the handy whistle buckle will provide you with a way of signalling for help.

Being able to attract attention of passers-by or companions can be crucial in life-threatening situations. Whether you are trapped, lost or in trouble you can use the ear-splitting whistle buckle to make sure everyone knows where you are.

If you are using the whistle buckles for scouting or special forces use - then the emergency whistle is an invaluable asset. The great outdoors is full of fantastic opportunities but is also unpredictable at the best of times. Ensuring each member of a team or troop has a whistle buckle on their persons will guarantee their ability to be able to attract attention, should they need it.

Many bushcraft and survival products are now moving towards creating wearable products. These are intended to save space and improve convenience. With a paracord and whistle buckle accompaniment, you will have two fundamental survival tools sitting on your wrist.

Where can I find whistle buckles?

At Greenman Bushcraft, our range of whistle buckles is of a high-quality and available for wholesale. We understand that you may need a number of buckles to use as secures for multiple paracord bracelets, bags or backpacks. Especially if you are using our whistle buckles for scouting or special forces use - you will need to be able to purchase your whistle buckles in bulk.

We can also offer two different colour types of whistle buckle. You can choose from green and black buckles, or orange and black buckles. Having a mix of the two may be useful for differentiating between bag ownership, bag contents, or team colours.

All of our buckles are curved for optional wrist wear, making them comfortable against the skin. Whistle buckles that are not curved to the shape of the wrist will undoubtedly be uncomfortable for long term wear and could potentially catch against surfaces. Buckles that do not fit properly could be potentially dangerous when being used in the great outdoors. At Greenman Bushcraft, our products are all designed with the customer in mind. With a curved whistle buckle, you won't find the shape irritating or uncomfortable to wear.

At Greenman Bushcraft, we have premium whistle buckles available for wholesale. For a durable, secure and multipurpose product that will be an invaluable contribution to your survival kit, buy from our online store today.


"Brought these for my daughter's and my new hike and kit rucksacks as they came without. Do the job great. Whistles are small but loud which is what I was hoping for brightly coloured so shouldn't loose them"

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Maxine

"Easy to fit to para cord bracelets, comfortable contoured buckle, the whistle is a bonus should you ever need it."

StarStarStarStarStarReview By James
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