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Traditional Firesteel

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These may look different from that of a modern firesteel, but our traditional flint and steels have been used by our ancestors to create fire for many years. Simply strike any piece of flint that you will easily find in the garden or in fields with this steel to create primitive sparks. Primitive fire strikers are Ideal for use with char cloth and natural tinder such a hoof fungus and thistle down.

Primitive Flint and Striker

Each of our traditional firesteels is made from high-carbon steel which will soon form a natural and rustic looking patina. Our old-style firesteels are great fun to use with scouts or on bushcraft courses and form an important bushcraft skill for all to learn. Use these steels with natural tinder which can be found wild, or ethically sourced tinder is available from us.


"I recently bought one of these steels, along with a couple of U shaped steels, for use by a group of youngsters new to flint and steel fire lighting. When I tried it out prior to the training session I was impressed by how well it handled and performed with a variety of pieces of flint, chert and quartz. The youngsters were equally delighted with their results in quickly learning to make big showers of sparks and from them embers on char cloth, charred punk wood, and various types of fungi, which they soon succeeded in turning into flame using some of Greenman's tinder nests, along with some others made from hay. In all, both this type and the U steels are very affordable and effective. The U steels are a bit cheaper but both I and most of my students found this one more comfortable and pleasant to use. They also preferred the look of this Traditional Firesteel. It works well and is very good value for money. "

StarStarStarStarStarReview By DavidC

"Good kit that throws a nice, fat spark. Good fit to my manly hand."

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Ted Weber

"Really nice item. I love the traditonal firesteels, which pose much more of a challange to use, but a fun one. This is my second type, and my fav."

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Jimmy
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