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Greenman Bushcraft Mini Firesteel
Greenman Bushcraft Mini Firesteel

Greenman Bushcraft Mini Firesteel

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We all understand the importance of lighting a fire in a survival situation. Fires not only allow us to keep warm, but they mean that we're able to cook, ward off wild animals, signal for help and also boost morale for anyone stuck in a difficult spot.

Teaching children how to light fires effectively is a vital survival skill, one that we should all learn, and the Greenman Bushcraft Mini Firesteel is an excellent educational and survival tool for just this.

Our Mini Firesteels are great for small hands, and are also excellent for survival kits thanks to their thin profile. Greenman Mini Firesteels are the perfect addition to your outdoor kit, bugout bag, emergency disaster kit and even fishing tackle box.

Why Buy the Greenman Bushcraft Mini Firesteel?

You will all be familiar with our larger army firesteel, in fact, the reviews have been great, many proclaiming our own-brand firesteels to be the best money can buy, as well as being the most reasonably priced. Our new Greenman Bushcraft Mini Fire Strikers are no different. Each Mini Firesteel is made from great quality components and is available to all for a very reasonable price, with wholesale rates available for our business customers too.

Each flint and steel offers a 4.5mm thick ferro (flint) rod and a 37mm thin profile handle, with an overall length of just 75mm. The steel striker has been painted red so that it's easy to find if lost and is attached to the firesteel with a lanyard. The striker has teeth on the end for scraping, but we still recommend using the side of the steel to strike the rod, which means extra leverage and creates a larger shower of hot sparks to create your campfire. Our firesteels are perfect for scouts, forest school use and for anyone looking for a low-cost but great quality firesteel for their outdoor adventures.

How to Use the Greenman Mini Firesteel?

Our Mini Firesteels are so easy to use! First, scrape of any lacquer which we sometimes use to protect the flint rod. Then, using the side of the steel scraper, scrape in a downward motion along the full length of the firesteel to produce a large shower of hot sparks. Aim these sparks onto to tinder, we recommend our down tinder to produce a fire quickly and effortless. That's it! You now have a great fire ready for larger fuel such as dry sticks.


"We got a few of these to introduce our Elfin group (6-9 years old) to fire lighting. They worked very well, everyone in the group managed to get a fire going using them with virtually no previous experience. A good quality bit of kit at a very good price."

StarStarStarStarStarReview By Andy Marshall
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