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Axes & Billhooks

Both billhooks and axes in a forest school environment are closely related in the their function, they are both ideal for splitting kindling for the fire and harvesting natural material from woodlands such as hazel or willow poles for use with shelter building and cooking implements.

The billhook has a long history as a forester's tool of choice, and although originally used for coppicing trees in the cold winter months, it is also the perfect tool of choice for wood-cutting demonstrations. The long history of billhooks can be found in one of our BLOG posts, and should help you make an informed decision before purchasing a bill hook.

Axes and hatchets are also a commonly used tool on forest school courses. We offer a large range of both of these cutting tools, but have selected a small easy to choose from range for the forest school category. If you require something that's not detailed below, then simply view the other axes and brands that we offer under our cutting tools section. We have brands such as Gransfors and Hultafors, among many others.