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Shipping and Handling

All parcels shall be sent to the address provided at the time of the checkout. If you pay via Paypal, then we will only deliver to the address provided to us by Paypal, so please ensure that it’s current. Any errors in the information supplied to us are at the sole responsibly of the customer.

The vast majority of parcels will leave us within the estimates given on our table below; however, we cannot guarantee this due to the rare possibility of any unforeseen circumstances with delivery companies. The company (us) shall not be held liable for delays in delivery of goods caused by third parties. In the event of a lost package, we will require up to 14 business days before being able to replace or credit for any lost goods.

Orders not placed online may be subject to different postage costs.

Refusal of deliveries and missed deliveries.

By placing an order with us, you are entering into a contract to accept the goods and services we provide. Refused, unwanted, or missed delivery attempts resulting in a return will be refunded to you less the original shipping fee, and a return delivery fee of £10 once the order reaches us. Should your order have originally been sent with free shipping, the return fee will be£15.99. These costs are to cover the fees and work involved in processing returned orders.

Restricted Postcodes / areas

Please also be aware that the following postcodes are considered ‘restricted’, and should your postcode be shown below it may be subject to a manual surcharge. Due to the difficulties in supplying some areas with age-restricted or bulky goods, we may need to contact you to arrange an additional shipping and handling fee to supply your order. Please ensure that you supply current contact details so we can easily contact you to discuss options.

BT*, IM1*, IM2*, IM3*, IM4*, IM5*, IM6*, IM7*, IM8*, IM9*, TR21*, TR22*, TR23*, TR24*, TR25*, PO30*, PO31*, PO32*, PO33*, PO34*, PO35*, PO36*, PO37*, PO38*, PO39*, PO40*, PO41*, AB30*, AB31*, AB33*, AB34*, AB35*, AB36*, AB37*, AB38*, AB43*, AB44*, AB45*, AB46*, AB47*, AB48*, AB49*, AB50*, AB51*, AB52*, AB53*, AB54*, AB55*, AB56*, FK17*, FK18*, FK19*, FK20*, FK21*, FK22*, FK23*, FK24*, FK25*, FK26*, FK27*, FK28*, FK29*, FK30*, FK31*, FK32*, FK33*, FK34*, FK35*, FK36*, FK37*, FK38*, FK39*, FK40*, FK41*, FK42*, FK43*, FK44*, FK45*, FK46*, FK47*, FK48*, FK49*, FK50*, FK51*, FK52*, FK53*, FK54*, FK55*, FK56*, FK57*, FK58*, FK59*, FK60*, FK61*, FK62*, FK63*, FK64*, FK65*, FK66*, FK67*, FK68*, FK69*, FK70*, FK71*, FK72*, FK73*, FK74*, FK75*, FK76*, FK77*, FK78*, FK79*, FK80*, FK81*, FK82*, FK83*, FK84*, FK85*, FK86*, FK87*, FK88*, FK89*, FK90*, FK91*, FK92*, FK93*, FK94*, FK95*, FK96*, FK97*, FK98*, FK99*, G83*, IV1*, IV2*, IV3*, IV4*, IV5*, IV6*, IV7*, IV8*, IV9*, IV10*, IV11*, IV12*, IV13*, IV14*, IV15*, IV16*, IV17*, IV18*, IV19*, IV20*, IV21*, IV22*, IV23*, IV24*, IV25*, IV26*, IV27*, IV28*, IV30*, IV31*, IV32*, IV33*, IV34*, IV35*, IV36*, IV37*, IV38*, IV39*, IV52*, IV53*, IV54*, IV63*, KW1*, KW2*, KW3*, KW5*, KW6*, KW7*, KW8*, KW9*, KW10*, KW11*, KW12*, KW13*, KW14*, PA21*, PA22*, PA23*, PA24*, PA25*, PA26*, PA27*, PA28*, PA29*, PA30*, PA31*, PA32*, PA33*, PA34*, PA35*, PA36*, PA37*, PA38*, PA39*, PA40*, PH18*, PH19*, PH20*, PH21*, PH22*, PH23*, PH24*, PH25*, PH26*, PH30*, PH31*, PH32*, PH33*, PH34*, PH35*, PH36*, PH37*, PH38*, PH39*, PH40*, PH41*, PH49*, PH50*, HS1*, HS2*, HS3*, HS4*, HS5*, HS6*, HS7*, HS8*, HS9*, IV40*, IV41*, IV42*, IV43*, IV44*, IV45*, IV46*, IV47*, IV48*, IV49*, IV50*, IV51*, IV55*, IV56, KA27*, KA28*, KW15*, KW16*, KW17*, PA20*, PA41*, PA42*, PA43*, PA44*, PA45*, PA46*, PA47*, PA48*, PA49*, PA60*, PA61*, PA62*, PA63*, PA64*, PA65*, PA66*, PA67*, PA68*, PA69*, PA70*, PA71*, PA72*, PA73*, PA74*, PA75*, PA76*, PA77*, PA78*, PH42*, PH43*, PH44*, ZE1*, ZE2*, ZE3*, GY*, JE*

UK Delivery Service Options

Delivery Method
Estimated Delivery Time
Cost of Delivery
Standard (over 70.00)*
Leaves us 7-10 Business Days
Free - No Rush Delivery
Leaves us 3-5 Business Days

* Standard [Over £70.00] - (offers an optional FREE 'no rush' delivery Service - typically sent by Royal Mail or a non-express carrier service and may or may not require a signature upon delivery. This service is available to all non-restricted UK postcodes - if your postcode is a restricted one, we will need to contact you as there may be a cost involved. Please also note, some (but very few) items have a surcharge if they are extra large, long or heavy. As this service is free, it is a slower no rush service - only select if your delivery is not urgent. This service typically leaves our warehouse within 7-10 business days (sooner during less busy periods).

** Standard Service is typically sent by Royal Mail or a carrier service and may or may not require a signature upon delivery.