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Firesteels & Pistons

Looking for the best firesteels? No problem, we have them, lots of them! All of our firesteels are high-quality. We don't supply 'cheap' and 'unreliable' firesteels which sadly seem to dominate the market today, removing the element of fun a good-quality firesteel will provide.

How a Firesteel Works

Firesteels are very easy and safe to use. The firesteel is essentially a large man-made piece of flint, similar to those you find in lighters, only much larger and produce many more sparks. The majority of firesteels, also known as fire-strikers, fire rods, flint and steels or ferro rods come complete with a metal striker (scraper) which will vary in size and shape. If your firesteel does not come with a scraper then the back of a knife works equally well, as will most thin metal objects.

The aim is to strike the rod with the steel and create a shower of well-aimed hot sparks onto a bundle of tinder. Natural or man-made tinder is available from us and the forest, and each will have their own unique properties, so understanding them and how they burn is a useful skill to have. For example, natural tinder with high oil content will burn better in less than perfect weather conditions, whilst other tinder may easily attract moisture from the air and result in difficulties when trying to light your fire.

Once the red-hot shower of sparks touch the tinder, the tinder bundle will ignite (providing it was dry) and a campfire can be built from that point.

Firesteels are great fun to use with children (under supervision) and will allow youngsters to understand how fires work as well as how important they are for warmth, safety and cooking. 

Our Range of Firesteels and Ferro Rods

Below you will find a small selection from our full-range of firesteels that we believe will best meet your requirements, in both terms of performance and value. Each firesteel we sell is reliable, long-lasting and durable.

If you need further help or advice from our customer services department, then simply give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.