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Hudsons Bay Flint and Steel Fire Lighting Kit with Fire Magnifier
Hudsons Bay Flint and Steel Fire Lighting Kit with Fire Magnifier
Hudsons Bay Flint and Steel Fire Lighting Kit with Fire Magnifier

Hudsons Bay Flint and Steel Fire Lighting Kit with Fire Magnifier

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The Hudson's Bay Flint and Striker set is truly a beautiful item to own. Each aspect of the design and build is truly wonderful and the built in fire lighting magnifying glass is a wonderful finishing touch to the tin. The magnifying glass has a separate protective lid. Like all old fashioned products, these tins are built to high standards and will last a lifetime, probably several! So it's a great product to pass down through the generations. The design is based on historical records, so owning one is like owning a part of history. They make simply wonderful presents.

Hudson's Bay Fire lighting Kit Contents:

Inside this beautiful tin is a selection of traditional fire lighting equipment, literally, all you need to light campfire after campfire and make any bushcrafter green with envy!

Fire Steel - a high-quality, traditional pattern fire striker made from high-carbon steel.

Char Cloth - a large amount of char cloth tinder is supplied in the tin, enough for many fires.

Flint - a large chunk of natural flint to go alongside your new firesteel is also inside the tin, but any flint you find out in the wilds may be used with the old fashioned firesteel.

Jute Rope - short strands of jute just need to be unravelled for use as tinder.

The firesteel kit is very easy to use, but, as with all things that are worth-while, you will need to practise until you are able to light a fire quickly. The technique is straightforward. First, strike the flint with the steel striker, aiming the flying sparks onto some of the char cloth; this will glow red when the ember begins to burn, much like a glowing coal. Add this ember to a tinder bundle (our tinder nests are ideal) and gently blow the tinder until it begins to produce thick white smoke. Shortly after the waves of smoke are produced the tinder bundle will combust and becomes the basis of your campfire.

Alternatively, remove the small lid to reveal the magnifying glass which in conjunction with the focused beams from the sun will ignite a tinder bundle within seconds.


"Bought this item as I've always wanted a Hudson bay tin and I wasn't disappointed. The tin is incredibly well made , the items in side are great the striker alone is epic so well made the only grumble I've got is the piece of florida by is very small maybe think about a larger piece other then that its great a good amount of char cloth and a nice touch with the jute twine"

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