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Karrimor Predator Side Pocket Double OMNI PLCE

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Much like the Karrimor SF standard PLCE side pocket, but the new Side Pocket Double OMNI PLCE can be used on bags outside of the predator range. The two large pockets on the OMNI pouch are ideal for keeping all manner of bushcraft, outdoor and survival equipment in.

We find these side pockets to be ideal for separating key bushcraft components, for example, one pocket can be used for cutting equipment, whilst another for fire lighting, and the other two for first aid equipment and one for binoculars, providing a fast and efficient way of locating just what you're looking for.

The Karrimor SF Predator Side Pocket Double OMNI PLCE has been designed to be low profile for real-life Special Forces operations where larger standard access can be restricted.

Main fabric:KS100e
KS100e is a 1000 Denier Nylon fabric coated with a Silicone/PU elastomer for improved tear strength and flex resistance. Finished with a fluorocarbon durable water repellent (DWR) that improves the water resistance of the fabric.

Please see the dropdown menue to choose between Olive green or Coyote.

For MOD/Special Forces information.

  • Each omni pouch can hold; 8 SA80 or similar magazines or, 1 Large minimi magazine
    (either hard or soft type) or, 2 Small minimi magazines (soft type) or, 8 UGL 40mm grenades or, 300x 7.62mm link ammunition
  • Buckle and touch and close tape
    closures with silencers
  • Bayonet frog may be attached to side
  • Rotproof thread
  • Durable water


"I just don't get the hype about these. I'm sorry to say that they don't meet up to my expectations. They fit on the rucksack via 2 zips (1 each side) and 4 buckles (2 top & 2 bottom). When these are full of gear they hang away from the rucksack and look like they just don't fit. The flaps that close the pockets are Velcro tabbed and buckled, but there is nothing at the top of the pocket like a draw string or elastic to pinch the top of the pocket in so when the flap does go over and close completely covers and protects it. If it rains, anything in the pockets will get wet as the top sides of them just gape out. If the rucksack falls over and you have small objects in them, they could come out like my little maglite tourch did. Pointless and not very well thought out. Come on karrimor surely you can do better. For the sake of 30 odd quid, you'd expect more, to be honest I would have returned them all I'd I could have been bothered to. A possible fix may be to make a hole on the top edge of both sides of the pocket and thread through some elastic or something but you'd have to think to yourself why should I do this, I've just paid all that money for something that half works. Basically not impressed and probably won't be invited to write any more reviews, soz but I'm being honest. Thanks for reading. They do look good though, but functionality kinda sucks. Cheers. "

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